Interesting Fact of the Day

That time when Orca's wore hats...

7/8/20241 min read

a black and white animal swimming in the ocean
a black and white animal swimming in the ocean

Here's your interesting fact of the day: Orcas are as intelligent as 15 or 16-year-olds. Not only do they have their own language, but they also exhibit human-like behaviors, such as following trends and fads within their pods – yes, even in fashion!

Remember a few years ago when Orcas made headlines for ramming boats in Portugal and Spain? Scientists were puzzled until they realized the whales were just having a bit of fun.

But here's the kicker: Orcas are trendsetters too! Back in the '80s, a female Orca started a craze by wearing a dead salmon as a hat. Soon, other pods joined in the trend.

The salmon hat fad faded away as quickly as it started, only to make a surprising comeback in 2022. Who knew Orcas had such impeccable fashion sense?